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Sunday, 26 April 2009

New Business Idea

This is some fashion laptop carry cases.Virtually all laptops/notebooks are only available with a dull, black nylon corporate carry case. People need to bring their laptop everywhere maybe for business, when they get out a fashionable laptop carry case, people may feel that they are cool. And I am sure that it will be a successful business, because it have its market, teenagers must buy them when they see it.

This is a Jelly Click Mouse.

In this 21st century, nearly everyone knows how to use a computer, and many people will have a computer at home, or even their own laptop. For example, for overseas students, they must have a computer with them, because this is a way of communication with their families and friends. Someone will use a mouse with their laptop but some won’t, if they bring their laptop, they need to carry the mouse also, and it will be heavier for them. At home, at office, you may use the computer for the whole day, and for some mouse, it’s too hard, you may also feel uncomfortable. Now this Jelly Mouse could be a winner as it feels floppy and like jelly. It so soft and so heavy, what you need to do is just blow some air inside when you want to use it. After you finish, you may just push out the air inside and become a very mini one.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hoggard Organics' UK debut

A cash-flow forecast may predict the future, whereas a cash-flow statement describes what actually happened in the past. As predicting the future is not an easy task, constructing a cash-flow forecast may be quite difficult.

Cash-flow forecasts are important to a business because they enable it to foresee times in the future when the business will be short of money. If shortages are anticipated, the business may be able to prevent it happen.

Refer to the case study, all Hoggard Oanics’ shop managers in the UK which have done a cash-flow forecast; they may identify potential cash-flow problems in advance. They may also guide the firm towards the appropriate action. Also, it may make sure that there is sufficient cash available to pay suppliers and creditors and to make other payments is an important point. It can help to borrow money in a easy way.

But there are also some problems which using cash-flow forecasts, sales if organic food grew rapidly in the USA and had exceeded 8000 million pounds per annum, so they might have the same situation in the UK, there maybe a large number of competitors, changes in the economy, because it is a niche market, so there maybe a sudden changes in consumer taste and inaccurate market research etc…

Budget is an agreed plan establishing, in numerical or financial terms, the policy to be pursued and the anticipated outcomes of that policy. Using a budget can provide direction and coordination, it may also motivate staff and improve the efficiency. Once it motivate the staffs, and they will work harder, and there maybe a increase in productivity.

But there might be some drawbacks also, for example, because it is a niche market, not much people were working for this job before, they maybe senior manager, the allocation maybe inappropriate if imposed by them, also allocations maybe incorrect because circumstances have changed from time to time.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Case study

A business can use breakeven analysis to discover its breakeven output and the impact of changes in output on its profit levels.

Breakeven maybe useful to start-up businesses, because it is a simple, straight forward way of discovering whether a business plan is likely to succeed financially. Also a breakeven char can show the different levels of achieved. This means that business can predict its profit levels if it knows the number of units that is going to sell. Knowing the future profit levels can help a business to plan its future and strategies.

And for the most case, also for Nick Hess, breakeven can be used to calculate how long it will take to reach the level of output needed to make a profit, this will help the entrepreneur to assess whether or not the business is viable. New businesses often suffer from cash-flow problems, so it is useful for them to know when they can expect to reach a profit level. This information will help them to get financial support, such as a bank overdraft.

But also, there are some weaknesses of breakeven analysis. For example, the information may be unreliable; most breakeven charts are based on forecasts. It’s difficult to predict the number of customers who will buy the firm’s product, even with careful market research. Sales are unlikely to be exactly the same as output.

For Mr.Nick Hess and Foodeaze, they have their own USP, and it maybe a attractive point of their products. However, the opening of a new store nearby selling similar products its really affect their sales, so even the break-even they did before, it also can’t predict what will suddenly happen around them.

So breakeven is just a little value to an entrepreneur, the most important things they need to do is look around the location of the business, and do some research before starting up.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Using a computer in business and impact on staff

Using a computer in business is really an efficent and accurate way.

Once we use computer in our business, everything like money, staff control etc…can did it automate, just done by the computer, and I am sure that the mistake must be less than doing by staff.

And you also will save time by doing it, for example, if you need to count the money that you earn today, you may do it wrong and slow if you count by an calculator, by if you have a system and just simply type in the information, it will finish in not more than one minute.

And you can employ less staff because the computer will replace some of the staffs, it will lower the cost on employing people. Once your productivity is higher and there are less cost, then you profit must increase.

Although there maybe people who loose their job, but when there are more product that need to sold out, then there will be a job for sales, it will just like a circle. So it doesn't mean that it will be more people unemployed if business using a computer.

TQM improve management and profit

Total Quality Management (TQM) means the whole workforce has to be committed to quality improvements. The idea is to build quality into every department and not let quality get squeezed out.

With TQM, every employee has to try to satisfy customers- and everybody that they work for must be thought if as a customer, even fellow employees. So both external customers within the business, must receive a quality service.

Once the quality improve, they will be less cost because company don’t need to refund, and also even they use high quality, but it can keep some customers and they will come back to buy the product, it will increase sells, and so there will be more profit.

Japaness Management

Japaness Management inculde:

-Just in Time (JIT)
-Total quality management (TQM)
-Circle Production
-Kaizen (Continous improvement)
-Lean Production

An aspect of Japanese management is the company union, which most regular company employees are obliged to join. The workers do not have separate skill identification outside of the company. Despite federations of unions at the national level, the union does not exist as an entity separate from, or with an adversarial relationship to, the company. The linking of the company with the worker puts severe limits on independent union action, and the worker does not wish to harm the economic wellbeing of the company. Strikes are rare and usually brief.

Japanese managerial style and decision making in large companies emphasizes the flow of information and initiative from the bottom up, making top management a facilitator rather than the source of authority, while middle management is both the impetus for and the shaper of policy. Consensus is stressed as a way of arriving at decisions, and close attention is paid to workers' well-being. Rather than serve as an important decision maker, the ranking officer of a company has the responsibility of maintaining harmony so that employees can work together. A Japanese chief executive officer is a consensus builder.